Mayinglong Ointment: first line treatment for hemorrhoids

Aug 07 2018

It’s a little-known fact, but hemorrhoids are a normal part of the human anatomy, and everybody has them. They help us control our bowel function and only become problematic when they become inflamed and swollen. By the time we are 50, more than half of us will have experienced hemorrhoids at least once. A diet high in fiber, regular exercise and taking care when lifting heavy objects, can all help reduce constipation and hemorrhoids, but what should we all know about treating hemorrhoids when the time comes?


Here are the top 5 things you need to know about hemorrhoids, and how Mayinglong Ointment can help:

  1. Inflammation causes pain

The number one complaint about hemorrhoids is the discomfort they cause. Mayinglong Ointment, by Trifecta Pharmaceuticals, is known for its soothing healing properties. It provides real relief to people managing hemorrhoids by reducing pain, discomfort, heat and inflammation.


  1. Hemorrhoids cause swelling


If you think you’re feeling swollen in the affected area, you’re probably right. A combination of inflammation and swelling of the surrounding tissue can be extremely uncomfortable and even downright painful. Mayinglong Ointment helps to shrink swollen tissue and along with that, it has the added benefit of reducing the pain caused by inflammation.


  1. OTC remedies can provide real relief


Over-the-counter remedies can be lifesavers when dealing with an episode of haemorrhoids. Mayinglong Ointment is available in your local pharmacy, on and via the Trifecta Pharmaceuticals website. It is recommended by pharmacists as a first line treatment for haemorrhoids, managing discomfort while new tissue growth is stimulated.


  1. Chinese herbal medicine is effective in treating hemorrhoids


Chinese herbal medicine has been used to treat various ailments for thousands of years. It is a discipline based on traditional ingredients and is backed by therapeutic success in many millions of users. Mayinglong Ointment is boosted with the addition of seven traditional Chinese compounds, including those derived from rosemary oil, pine resin and powdered pearl, as well as other proteins and minerals providing antioxidant, astringent and moisturizing properties. The ingredients contained in Mayinglong ointment have been used in Asia since 1582.


  1. Hemorrhoids respond well to diet


Hemorrhoids can be one of the first signs your body is not happy with changes to your diet. Don’t forget to include plenty of water, fiber from fresh fruit and vegetables and whole grains such as oats or multigrain bread. While you’re adjusting diet and working on your recovery, Mayinglong Ointment provides effective relief by reducing pain, discomfort, heat and inflammation.


Mayinglong snapshot


- Shrinks swollen hemorrhoid tissue

- Reduces heat and inflammation

- Relieves hemorrhoid pain

- Clears away toxic material and removes decayed tissue

- Stimulates new tissue growth


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