Rhuli Gel to the Rescue!

Aug 07 2018

Rhuli Gel has been a well-loved household first aid staple since the 1980s and is back by popular demand. It is fast acting, with two active analgesic ingredients, it is easy to apply in a non-drip topical gel formulation and provides effective relief from skin itching and discomfort due to insect bites and stings, contact with poison ivy, oak and sumac, or minor skin irritations. What’s not to love about Rhuli Gel?


Here are our top four instances where Rhuli Gel will save the day!


  1. Camping trip gone wrong


It’s an outdoor adventure you’ve been planning for weeks with friends. Sleeping under the stars, hiking by day and warm campfires and s’mores in the evening. Today has not been your day though, and the group ends the day’s walk having brushed up against some very unfriendly poison oak. As darkness falls, people are feeling miserable, until you remember the Rhuli Gel stashed safely in your camping first aid kit. Rhuli Gel to the Rescue! Rhuli Gel is well-known as a fast-acting, non-drip remedy for poison ivy, poison oak and sumac and provides effective, soothing relief for even the clumsiest camper. With Rhuli Gel’s analgesic properties and cooling camphor taking effect, s’mores are back on the menu. Rhuli Gel saves the day!


  1. Summer sunburn


Summer vacations can be so relaxing, especially if you’re taking a break from juggling a busy work schedule, the school year and countless extra-curricular and social activities. It’s enough to make anyone sleepy, especially with the sound of the lake lapping against the sides of the pier and the warm sunshine on your face. You drift off, dreaming of freshly caught fish sizzling as it’s being cooked for dinner. When you wake, it’s more your skin that has been sizzling in that midday sunshine than any lakeside dinner. Rhuli Gel to the Rescue! The lake house first aid kit has always contained Rhuli Gel for minor skin irritations, including sunburn, and today is the day you need it! Rhuli Gel contains two analgesic that act fast to reduce pain and discomfort, and camphor for cooling the burnt area. With soothed skin, you move to the shade to resume your daydreaming about dinner. Summer vacation is saved! Thanks, Rhuli Gel!


  1. Thanksgiving turkey burn


It’s Thanksgiving and the pressure cooker that is cold weather and extended family has come together. The younger cousins are wrestling like puppies, dads are discussing football stats, grandparents are catching up on college news and everyone is hungry. Aunt Louise is in the kitchen preparing her famous, traditional turkey for the Thanksgiving feast when she catches her wrist on a hot tray. Is the holiday doomed for failure? No! Mom swoops in and it’s Rhuli Gel to the rescue! Aunt Louise’s wrist is soothed with a quick swipe of Rhuli Gel with its analgesic properties and cooling camphor and Thanksgiving dinner is back on track. Rhuli Gel has saved the day!


4.The bees knees


Another beautiful spring day and you’ve sent the kids outside to play. Birds are chirping, and the sun is shining, bees are buzzing around the flowers…and suddenly the peaceful scene is interrupted by the wailing of your curious toddler. You rush outside and find he has gone too close to the flowers and has been stung by a bee! In the 1980s, Rhuli Gel was a household staple brought out immediately to treat the pain and discomfort of insect bites and stings, and due to its popularity, it is now available again. Rhuli Gel to the Rescue! You reach for your home first-aid kit and apply Rhuli Gel liberally to your toddler’s finger. That, along with his favorite cartoon character bandaid, (and, of course, a therapeutic popsicle) allows playtime to continue as before. Bees beware! We’ve got Rhuli Gel as a remedy for all garden-based stingers and biters!


Rhuli Gel snapshot


- Fast acting, with two active analgesic ingredients

- Easy to apply in a non-drip topical gel formulation 

- Provides effective relief from skin itching and discomfort due to insect bites and stings, contact with poison ivy, oak and sumac, or minor skin irritations


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